Monday Odds and Ends

Is it really the last week of September? Really?

Sorry to step away last week — deadlines and Life Away From The Internets were both calling. But lots of interesting little things going on.

First, the geothermal system is up and running. We turned it on last week, it fired up immediately, and with the quirky weather we’ve been having — cold and windy one day, warm and rainy the next — we’ve had a chance to try out both the heating and the air conditioning. For what I am guessing is the first time in the life of the house, there’s a constant temperature, and low humidity, in every room, and we’re listening for creaks and groans as the floors and walls finally adjust to the change in temperature. We’re in the process now of getting the house back in order, moving everything back into the attic and basement storage spaces that we had to clear out to make way for retro-fitting the duct work. Slow going, but we’re getting there. I’m hoping to have my new basement office up and running by . . . well, maybe the end of October, if I’m lucky.
Over on the blog of Agent Jonathan Lyons, Agent J is hosting his first ever trivia contest on October 1. Go play. And if you’re one of the three lucky winners, you can choose from one of three prizes: a query critique and evaluation of your first five pages, an evaluation of your first thirty pages, or a free book from one of his clients. Like me. Or Jaye. Or David. Or Edward. Well, you get the idea. Have fun.
So, didja see this story last week? About the Bernalillo County (New Mexico) Republican Chairman putting his foot in it and declaring that “Hispanics consider themselves above blacks” and won’t vote for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama? Here’s the story from the Albuquerque Journal, “GOP Official’s Comments Ignite Calls for His Removal”.

I bring this to your attention because that’s my Mom (who I blogged about back here), checking in on the matter:

Elaine Miller, a vice chairwoman of the Bernalillo County Republican Party, said C de Baca is scheduled to meet this morning with members of the county party’s executive board.

Stepping down “would be in his best interest, so we could get it behind us. So it doesn’t affect the election,” said Miller, who under party rules would become county chairwoman if C de Baca leaves.

Well, the chairman did step down, but my Mom — rather than move up as chairwoman, as the rules provide — agreed, in the name of party unity, to unanimously support the appointment of a new chairman. It was a generous, decidedly unselfish move, and I’m really proud of my mom.
Over on her blog, Josephine Damian is talking about Internet addiction with her usual candor and aplomb. Are the Internets a blessing or a distraction? Opinions differ — but go see what she has to say, and let her know what you think. She’s right here.
Finally, I meant to announce this earlier, but I’ve been asked by the Goshen Historical Preservation Society to speak about Washington Irving at their meeting on October 16. The meeting is at 7:30 at the Church of Nazarene in Goshen. If you’re in the area, come on by. I’m pretty sure it’s free — but I’ll put up more information when I get it.

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