Aw, Shucks . . .

A Google crawl only just recently brought this to my attention, but I was pleased — and pleasantly surprised — to see the Writers and Editors website mention my homepage — linked over there to your right — as an example of a well-designed author website for marketing, publicity, and promotion.

Considering I’m in company with Tom Wolfe, Judy Blume, and Miranda July’s way clever page, it’s high praise indeed. And the credit goes solely to Me Bruddah Cris, my web designer and webmaster, who did a terrific job taking my lame pencil drawings and even worse over-the-phone descriptions and turning them into news you can use.

Thanks to Pat over at Writers and Editors for the compliment. Her main page is here, and you can see her discussion of internet marketing here.

2 responses to “Aw, Shucks . . .

  1. Neat. I like your website. But I think you need to have a recording of you playing the banjo when people click through.


  2. Brian Jay Jones

    Wendy: Thanks for the kind words. And I think I’ll spare all web visitors THAT particular pleasure…