I love talking about my subjects and my work, and I’m almost always happy to make myself available for interviews. Please note, however, that I generally prefer phone and Skype interviews over responding to written questions or e-mails, simply because those tend to take more time and work. That doesn’t mean I won’t respond to your written Q&A, but I’m pickier about those than I am phone interviews.

Also: if you’d like me for a television interview or a “talking head” appearance in documentary, I’m close enough to facilities in Washington, DC, that I can probably work to accommodate you. I can probably even get there in a hurry–just make sure you give me a little more than two hours notice, especially in DC traffic.

To request an interview, click here.


Are you putting together a panel for a writer’s conference, and need someone who can talk all about the craft of researching, writing, and publishing biography, history, and non-fiction?  I’m happy to serve. I’ve served on panels for Biographers International Organization, the Miami Book Fair, and the James River Writers conference, to name just a few.

But hey! I’m also your All Things Muppets, Star Wars, Sleepy Hollow, and Dr. Seuss Guy, right? So if you’re putting together a conference where you need someone to discuss those topics on a panel, I’m delighted to do that, too. I’ve been pleased to participate in panel discussions at film and comic book conferences, and I’m happy to debate which is the greatest Muppet movie, which Dr. Seuss book is the funniest, and whether Greedo shot first.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me to let me know who you are, along with the date and location of your conference.


Interested in having me speak at your conference, library, museum, book show, or any other event? I do that a lot, too.  I’m happy to discuss any of my subjects, and I generally arrive with a multi-media presentation, so you won’t just get someone standing at a podium (Unless you want that, in which case I can do that, too.)  I can also talk about writing, film, comic books, television, and general pop culture. I’ve spoken at venues, large and small, all across the country, and I’d love to come hang out with you. For engagements like this, I’ll refer you to the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau, who’ll work with you to make all the necessary arrangements, as easily as possible.

Click here to contact me through the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau.


Interested in something else that you don’t see here? By all means, please contact my agent, Jonathan Lyons, at Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Click here to send Jonathan an e-mail, or give him a call at (212) 473-5400.

2 responses to “Contact

  1. Bryan O'Herlihy

    Hi, I’m Bryan O’Herlihy from Cork Ireland, currently reading the Jim Henson bio, superb insightful read, I’ve been a Henson fan since very young and thank you for writing the book. Well done on an entertaining read,


  2. Hi,
    I wrote one of the first german reviews of your wonderful George Lucas book:


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