JD Talks About WI

…and I’m back from the long weekend to find that uber-blogger and friend of this blog Josephine Damian has a thoughtful — and very nice — review of Washington Irving over on her blog, Josephine Damian. The direct link to her review is here.

I love knowing what readers think, and I especially like knowing what they’re still thinking about once they’ve snapped the book closed for the last time and put it away. And Josephine says something very astute — and interesting — in her review:

By painting such an intimate portrait of the vicissitudes and triumphs, the chronic doubts and sudden successes of Washington Irving’s process and progress as a writer, Mr. Jones allows the modern day writer to draw their own personal analogy to his or her self, and they are all the more engaged as readers because they see their own course, experience and struggles reflected in Irving’s.

Thank you, and well played. When I sat down for the first time with Kate Johnson, Curator of Historic Hudson Valley, she said almost the exact same thing: “Everyone seems to see themselves in Mr. Irving.” And I would agree; I saw a lot of myself, both good and bad, in Washington Irving, and I think (and hope) other readers will, too.

Thanks for your thoughtful review and kind words, Josephine. I appreciate it.

2 responses to “JD Talks About WI

  1. Josephine Damian

    BJJ: From Irving’s sense of responsibility toward supporting his family, for wanting to pay back his brothers for the early indulgence they provided him, thoe are just a few of the reasons people will relate to WI. Of course his ups and downs as a writer is something all scribes can relate to.

    I can see how WI’s role as a politician and biographer would hold special interest for you, and can see how his being a lawyer, and his involvement with copyright law would make this book appealing to Agent Jonathan.

    Thanks much for the shout out!


  2. Jonathan Lyons

    You nailed it Josephine!