Judy Blume and Neil Gaiman, at this year’s Book Expo America.

No, I wasn’t there — but you can read all about it on Neil Gaiman’s wonderful journal at www.neilgaiman.com, where he also has a somewhat blurry pic of him with another supercool icon, Berke Breathed. Go read it. Right now.

And if you’re not a regular reader of Neil Gaiman’s journal . . . for shame, doc, for shame. Read it. Know it. Live it.

Photo courtesy of neilgaiman.com.

2 responses to “Icons

  1. Kameron D Kiggins

    After seeing the Neil Gaiman photo, I’d hoped to read about an interesting encounter you had with him, and his pithy commentary, so such. Oh well.

    And yes, his website should be mandatory reading…


  2. Brian Jay Jones

    Alas, I’ve only had a fleeting encounter with him, once in person, and once in writing. I waited in line to get an autograph from him at the San Diego ComiCon ages ago. And I corresponded with him briefly when Washington Irving first came out in ARC form (that correspondence is on this site somewheres as well).