I’ve stepped away from Literary Conceits today to take a seat on the dais over at Book Roast, where they’re giving me a Sinatra-esque basting, but without tuxedos or the drinks. So bring your own.

The rules are simple: I’ve selected a short excerpt from the book (and given that two of the books featured this week were The Debs and Tan Lines, I decided to go with a bit of Irvingesque romance), which you will read, and then answer three questions, provided by my host and roastmaster Stephen Parrish.

I’ll be punching in from time to time to see what you’ve got to say, and to take an occassional poke back. And if I think you’re the funniest, cleverest, or smartest person in Puppetland, you’ll win an inscribed copy of Washington Irving: An American Original. I have a copy here on my desk, all ready to go, and I reeeeeally hope the winner’s name is Mike Tibbits, because that’s the name that’s already inscribed in the front of the book.*

What are you waiting for? Click here to join in on the fun.

A special thanks to Stephen Parrish for serving as my host and roastmaster. Stephen’s a good chap, not to mention a funny guy, so I won’t mention it. Stephen’s top-notch blog is right here.

* No, not really. It’s a brand new book, I promise.

3 responses to “Roasted!

  1. hey brian, that roast was fun :)


  2. Brian Jay Jones

    I’ll say! And thank YOU for participating! I had a great time.

    (Struggling with a bad internet connection today — I’ll write more later!)


  3. cheers, bro!