That’s What I Want…

U.S. Forces Nine Major Banks To Accept Partial Nationalization,” reads the front page, stacked-and-centered banner headline on today’s Washington Post — making this about the fifteenth day in a row we’ve seen an enormous banner headline in a newspaper that isn’t normally known for such drama above the fold.* And as I do every day, I shake my head at the headlines, make a quick scan through the lead stories, and eventually lose interest before the stories make their jumps to the inner pages. I just don’t get it.

As I tell my coworkers every day, I wish I understood all this stuff better, because I know it’s important. Yet, I feel completely lost.

Until now.

Today I was pointed toward this website: The Money Meltdown: Everything You Need To Know About the Global Money Crisis. Site creator Matt Thompson — an online journalist and blogger — says he established the site as a way of pulling together “useful, authoritative, and comprehensive information about our current financial crisis in an accessible way.”

As someone completely baffled by finance, banks, and stock markets, Matt’s page is just what I needed — and maybe you’ll find it of some use as well. Click here to go get it.

* Okay, I’ll amend that to add, “at least not when it comes to finance and the stock market.” We see our share of big headlines when it’s politics, not finance. We leave that to those snooty New York newspapers….

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