Skillful and Habitual Oddities

I always put DVDs and CDs back in their cases with the title straight up and down, for ease of reading.

I can only talk on the phone with the phone pressed against my right ear.

I take notes in fountain pen.

I’m not a great driver, but I can squeeze a car into almost any parking space with room to spare.

When I listen to music, I often try to sing only the harmony or backing vocals. I call this “Singing the John Oates Part.”

I organize my bookshelves by topic — and then I arrange books by height on each shelf, from tallest to shortest.

I consider myself an artist, even though I can’t really do anything but draw cartoons.

I generally force myself to listen to five songs on any radio station before I change the channel.

I can build a roaring fire in a fireplace in no time whatsoever.

My handwriting is terrible, yet I can print beautifully.

I can get lost backing out of my driveway.

I love my coffee strong — but then I fill it full of cream and sugar. Which sort of defeats the purpose, I suppose.

What are your odd skills or habits?

3 responses to “Skillful and Habitual Oddities

  1. You’ve got good ones; I like the fountain pen writing.

    Hmm. I wear my socks inside-out and can’t bear to leave edges showing when folding towels. That’ll be fun to think of more (and I’m now off the hook for thinking what to blog about tomorrow! LOL)


  2. Stephen Parrish

    I suffered from math anxiety so much I’d get nauseous before tests. So I earned a degree in math. I get lost everytime I leave the house. So I earned a degree in cartography.

    I can juggle three apples and eat all three of them, at the same time, while I’m juggling them. So I didn’t bother joining the circus.


  3. I hate confrontation, but am an attorney; I have a horrible compunction to laugh at the most inappropriate times (have blamed my outbursts on turrets); I read the last page of each book–so biographies are particularly good for me (you generally know how they end before you get to the last page); and, I think time is only a suggestion.