Don’t Go Away, I’ll Be Right Back . . .

I’m working under a deadline this week — as well as preparing my background materials and interview questions for another source for my work in progress — so I’m stepping away for just a bit. But I’ll do my best to be back here before the end of the week.

In the meantime, just because I think it’s funny, here’s video of Senator David Vitter of Louisiana — on the floor of the United States Senate during the debate on the auto bailout bill — struggling to use the term “bass-ackwards” and completely botching it.

Checking through the Congressional Record, I see some diligent staffer has gone through and cleaned up Vitter’s words for the official record of proceedings, removing from the speech any mention of the word “ass,” as well as Vitter’s bumbling attempts to come up with the right turn of phrase. Here’s the official transcript of Vitter’s speech, as it appeared on page S10844 of the December 10, 2008 Congressional Record (and you can follow along with the video above at the appropriate point):

Well, my reaction to that is pretty simple. I think the average American would say: What? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? $15 billion, and then later, after that is out the door, we will see a detailed restructuring plan? Secondly, even more important than that, it means that the impetus, the pressure to make that restructuring truly fundamental, truly to the core, which is absolutely necessary for these companies to survive, that pressure is not nearly as great as if we held the money until that detailed restructuring plan was presented.

What? You didn’t realize the Official Record could be edited and revised? I’ll talk about that some other time, then.

Have a good week.

3 responses to “Don’t Go Away, I’ll Be Right Back . . .

  1. Ha! I didn’t even realize the Congressional Record had the element of humor– clearly, I should have! Thanks!


  2. I knew you would catch that. I saw it on the news and just sighed at the level to which Congressional rhetoric has sunk. Wads of dippness them are some.


  3. Brian Jay Jones

    Right up there with “carrying him in the Senate,” isn’t it? Good lord!