Why My Wife Rocks

Sure, we guys like to complain about Valentine’s Day being a fake holiday — a day when we knock ourselves out with flowers, cards, candy, jewelry, or whatever, and we don’t necessarily expect gifts in return.  It is, in our minds, a Holiday For The Ladies.  And we’re generally okay with that.  Despite the pressure, it lets us show off a little bit and prove that we really do have a sentimental or romantic side.

That said, here’s why my wife is the Best. Wife. Ever.

For Valentine’s Day, I gave her jewelry.

She gave me Absolute Watchmen.

My wife rocks. 

And how was your Valentine’s Day, hmm?

2 responses to “Why My Wife Rocks

  1. Aw, sweet. My Valentine’s Day was good. We went out to dinner. He gave me Vosges chocolates and I gave him the truly romantic gift of socks. I know! Lame! But he really needed them.


  2. Ah, sweet romance! I can’t relate to this story. My girlfriend got me an 1851 edition of Rufus Griswold’s “The Poets and Poetry of America” in good condition, including all its engravings intact. When you find a keeper, you know it!