Monday Mumblings

It was a long weekend, even though it feels like it should still be Sunday. Where did the weekend go?  Oh, wait.  I remember.

We spent all day yesterday just north of Baltimore, where Madi’s volleyball team was competing in a 15-team, all-day tournament.  Even though Madi and her teammates are all 13-years-old and younger, they were playing teams of 14-year-olds — and still came out of their bracket undefeated.  They ended up losing in the semifinals to a terrific team — who, in my fatherly opinion, caught all the good calls from a remarkably crummy and obviously blind down ref — but managed to hang tough, even requiring their opponent to score 27 points in order to beat them by the necessary two.  Madi’s been playing en fuego lately — no errors on sets, several kills and even a few good blocks — and I’m really proud of her.

In other Madi news,  I’m taking her to the orthodontist this afternoon for her pre-braces visit.  To her credit, Madi’s actually excited at the idea of getting braces.  I guess it’s because they look so different than they did in our day, where braces made it look like you had a mouth full of aluminum foil.  Now, it seems, they’re practically cool.  They still ain’t cheap, though.  Man, where are my foreign rights when you really need them?

Following our orthodontically exciting afternoon, we’re heading downtown this evening to go see Wynton Marsalis at the Kennedy Center.  We bought the tickets ages ago, when March seemed years away, and they’ve been hanging on our fridge until this morning, when Barb put them in my wallet so I don’t forget them tonight.  Because I have done that before.

And how’s your Monday shaping up?

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