Back At It

My apologies for the lack of posts here lately — I’ve been hunkered down trying to get some work done on Project Blue Harvest.  It’s been slow going, but that’s mostly my fault, since I preferred spending some time with Madi during her Spring Break, and trying to get some work done in the yard while the weather was pleasant, rather than spending some seat time at my desk.

While I more than managed the first of these two items (quality time with The Kid), I waited too long on the second one.  I opted not to mow on Friday when it was 70 degrees, holding out instead for the promise of some wonderful Easter weekend weather.  Fat chance.  It rained all day Saturday, and Sunday was cold and windy.  I mowed anyway.

Anyway, now that I’m mission accomplished on those two important items, it’s back to the desk.  But I’ll see you back here shortly, I promise.

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