There And Back Again

I’m back home in one piece — and while I was gone I missed the huge rain and windstorm that moved through the DC area late yesterday afternoon.  The only indication it had ever been here were a few wet spots on the driveway and a rather large downed branch in the back yard that juuuuust missed falling on the Jeep.

Anyway, New York was a great time.  I had a fun, interesting and animated lunch meeting with Several Really Neat People, followed by a quick trip through a Really Neat Place to see some Really Interesting Archives.  Did I say really interesting?  Make that unbelievable.  And yes, I’m still hoping that I’ll have something to report here soon.  If it comes together, this’ll be fun.

Meanwhile, I got to hang a bit with Jonathan (and thumb through all of his clients’ books, neatly shelved in his office), ride the subway, take two frenetic cab rides, and sit in a sweltering Penn Station for 90 minutes, waiting for my train.  And all in the span of about five hours. 

Ahhhh, New York.  Nothing like it.

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