Countdown to July

Apologies for the shortage of posts here lately, but I’m suddenly working under several deadlines.  All of them are really fun projects that I’m delighted to be working on, but it seems they all ended up being due at close to the same time. 

As if that wasn’t enough to keep me away from the blog, Barb and I are leaving this week for England, where she’s attending science conferences in London and Oxford.  I’m going along for the ride, but I’ll also be getting a bit of work done for Project Blue Harvest, as I’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the sites associated with my subject. Plus I’d be remiss if I didn’t make a quick trip to Abbey Road to stroll across the world’s most famous crosswalk.  Along with 50,000 other tourists, of course.

We’ll also be in London for our anniversary, which is July 4.  While we joke that it’s a great date for an anniversary because we always get fireworks, I’m betting July 4 is a date that passes without much notice or fanfare in the United Kingdom…

One response to “Countdown to July

  1. Happy Anniversary!