Until the Wind Changes

Almost as if someone flipped a switch, the trees are suddenly changing colors and sloughing off their leaves like a raggy old coat.  The chipmunks in our back yard are running back and forth between our two old chestnuts and their hole by an old stone wall, their mouths crammed with the big shiny nuts as they disappear, tails twirling, into their hidey-hole. And for the first time in half a year, a strong wind suddenly kicked up from the southwest, pounding against the stone chimney on our dining room, and making the flue rattle.  Fall is here.

For those of you wondering how my battle with my cable/internet provider finally turned out: it was a war of attrition, but I finally won. (Getting Comcast to deactivate my account was just as infuriating as my numerous attempts to get someone out to fix anything, as I was told to leave my phone number and someone would get back to me on that.  And then no one did.)  I was later asked why I never called a friend of mine who heads up Comcast’s government affairs office to get him to push my requests along. My answer was simple:  I always hope it doesn’t take connections for a customer to be treated decently. 

Anyway, we’re officially done—I stood in line for an hour to return my cable box and modem—and we’re incredibly happy with our switch to Verizon.  Plus, with our home phone on the system as well, we end up with a good deal of savings every month, even after the full price for the system kicks in after six months.  So, well done all around.  Now I’m just trying not to watch the Biography Channel 24/7.

One response to “Until the Wind Changes

  1. And don’t forget about the DVR. Also affectionately known as our new drug.