Making Magic: Hey Bulldog

As you know, I love looking behind the scenes at how people work.  What you’ll see below isn’t quite a making of video, nor is it a music video per se — but it’s one of the few existing bits of color film showing the Beatles at work.  In this case, they’re recording “Hey Bulldog,” a  1968 song that was scotched as a potential single then shelved for The Beatles before finally appearing on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack in 1969. 

There’s a strong group dynamic at play here– John Lennon and Paul McCartney read off of Lennon’s scrawled lyrics sheet, George Harrison switches guitars for the solo, Ringo makes whooping background noises, and John and Paul finally go a little nuts at the end, barking and hollering.  It’s probably one of the last times the group would have quite so much fun in each other’s company — they would disintigrate into the fractious sessions for The Beatles later in the year — and it remains a fun song.  It’s also one of Madi’s very favorite songs to play on Beatles Rock Band.

One response to “Making Magic: Hey Bulldog

  1. Thanks so much for posting that; I’d forgotten about it. I’m a huge Beatles fan. Every time I hear or see their work I wonder…how did they do it?