Well, wouldn’t you know it.  The day after I bump down the snow pictures, the weathermen are telling us to brace for a big one here along the eastern seaboard. 

All right then.  On my way into work this morning, I stopped at Home Depot to restock my supply of ice melt (I picked up something called “Blizzard Wizard,” as opposed to the salt I normally throw down.  We’ll have to see how it does.) Despite the forecast, Home Depot was a ghost town, though they’re obviously bracing for the rush, as they had placed near the front door a large cardboard sign on which someone had scrawled in marker SNOW ZONE, with an arrow pointing toward a large display of shovels, salt, spreaders, and snow blowers.

Apart from the salt — which I depleted during the storm last week — we’re fairly well stocked and should have no problem riding out the fifteen inches they’re forecasting.  But I’m a snow skeptic — I usually don’t get too wound up or excited about the snow until I actually see it falling.  

So, you weather watchers . . . stay tuned.

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