New York State of Mind

I’m getting ready to leave for New York tomorrow, provided the snow that’s in the forecast stays relatively tame and doesn’t sucker punch us the way it did several weeks ago.  So far, so good — it’s darn cold, but the snow in the forecast looks fairly benign.

While I’ll be receiving the award on Thursday night, I’m heading up tomorrow to take care of both business and pleasure. I’ll be having a working lunch to discuss Project Blue Harvest, then spending the dinner hour at an Irish pub with a literary friend.  And I’m very much looking forward to both.

I plan on checking in from New York, so keep watching this space for trip updates.

Update:  The forecast is now for as much as 8 inches over night, though tapering off by morning.  I made fretful noises to my wife about making it to the train station on time tomorrow morning — “I’ll leave at 5:30 a.m. and take the Jeep!” I moaned — to which she replied, “Why don’t you just stay in a hotel near the station tonight so you don’t have to fight traffic in the morning?”

My wife’s brilliant.

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