If It’s Friday, This Must Be London…

…and so it is.  We actually arrived here at our hotel here on Montague Street late Wednesday night, and while Barb attended meetings all day Thursday, I ran off to some of the remote parts of London to explore a few sites associated with Project Blue Harvest.  I was thwarted at one location, as a site I’d hoped was open to the public actually wasn’t, and no amount of pleading or begging was going to get me inside, but I did have better luck tromping around another spot at a different location.  It was a productive afternoon, even if it did seem like I spent most of it on the London Underground.

This morning, I hit the ground running as I made a trip over to Kensington to have a conversation with An Amazing Person, who graciously gave me nearly an hour and a half of her time, despite the fact she was getting ready to travel that afternoon. Following that, I hopped back on the train and made my way back to Westminster, where I had a quick lunch (and a quick pint!) with Andrew Lownie, the superagent who shared a circuitous cab ride with me in Boston back in May. And there was much rejoicing.

Tonight, it’s Avenue Q, then tomorrow it’s a day at the British Museum, just around the corner.  I’ll check in with you again soon.  Have a good weekend!

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