R.I.P. Carla Cohen (1936-2010)

I was saddened this morning to learn that Carla Cohen — one of the co-founders of Politics & Prose, just about the coolest independent bookstore out there — passed away yesterday at age 74.  The Washington Post obituary is right here.

Politics & Prose — like Powell’s in Oregon — is one of great meccas for independent bookstore lovers.  It’s a place nearly every aspiring author — especially authors of non-fiction — wants to speak, especially on the off-chance that C-SPAN will be there to record the talk for broadcast.  It’s a place that’s unapologetically nerdy and erudite and just a bit eclectic.  Its clientele don’t come in looking for science fiction or romance novels; they want books of wonky politics, literary history, or economics.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Carla Cohen and her business partner, Barbara Meade, when I spoke about Washington Irving at P&P in early 2008.  She cared deeply about books, and even more about readers.  She’ll be missed.

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  1. Brian:

    There is nothing quite like an independent book store.