A Sure Sign Of Fall

School must be back in session, because the terms “cliff notes legend of sleepy hollow” are driving people here in droves.

It’s not Cliff’s Notes, but I did talk a bit about Irving’s story right here. But really, just go read Irving’s story.  It’s short (Irving’s called the Father of the American short story for a reason). And if you base your paper on the Johnny Depp movie, you’re in big trouble. Just sayin’.

3 responses to “A Sure Sign Of Fall

  1. I’m getting it too over on my blog. Apparently, a lot of classes start their year with Phillis Wheatley.


  2. Maybe I need to talk about it on my blog. I have people coming over there to find out about moldy avocados. Really.


  3. I keep reading this post title as “A sure sign of fail.” Which is sort of appropriate.