Avengers Assemble! Sort of.

If you’re a biographer or aspiring biographer, a reader of biographies, or even just someone who loves the Biography Channel . . . well, have I got an offer for you. It’s not quite Avengers Assemble! but it’s close.

Biographers International Organization — the world’s premiere group of biographers and lovers of biography — is holding its third annual conference this May, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. There’ll be panels of research and writing, interviewing and negotiating, and even a bit of sex and violence. Yeah, really.  And all brought to you by a crack team of biographers, including Charles J. Shields, Richard Schickel, Will Swift, Jonathan Eig, Kate Buford, and Pulitzer Prize winner Debby Applegate. 

There’ll also be two all-day sessions on Friday to choose from — one where you can tour the Academy of Motion Picture Arts library, the other where you’ll get a peek into the archives of the Los Angeles Public Library, where they keep their old photos and maps and directions to  finding the Ark of the Covenant. 

Oh, and did I mention the lunchtime keynote address by Arnold Rampersad? Now I have. And now you know you need to be there, right?
For more information, go here.  And I’ll see you in Los Angeles.

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