That Giant Sucking Sound

I’m back from a long weekend in Colorado, where I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful wedding for one of my nephews.  The next day, we headed for Denver to catch our flight back to Washington, DC–and while we were waiting at our gate at the airport, an alarm blared and informed us a tornado had been spotted nearby, and to head for the tornado shelters at the ends of the terminals.

So, while this was raging outside . . .


(No, I didn’t take this photo.)

…we were huddled in the underbelly of the Denver International Airport, none the worse for wear:


While I looked, I never did see the Batmobile.

Obviously,  everything worked out fine, though our flight was delayed to the point that we didn’t make it back home until after 2 a.m.

And how’s YOUR week so far?

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