Odds and Ends

Well, hey there! Happy 2021.

While I’m always running my mouth over on Twitter about stuff I’m doing and places I’m talking, it’s embarrassing how absolutely terrible I’ve been about making making that same information available over here. New Year’s Resolution, then: let’s change that. We’ll see how I do.

Let me start then with a really interesting one: I had the pleasure of being part of an episode of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s online magazine, DIA Connections, where I talked all about Dr. Seuss (and Frank Capra AND Chuck Jones) and the hilarious — and effective! — Private SNAFU training films they produced for the U.S. Army during WWII. My segment begins about 15 minutes in, but you can listen to the entire thing below.

Next up, I made my third appearance with Dan Heaton on his Tomorrow Society podcast, where this time we talked — and talked and talked — all things Mandalorian (if you’re not watching it on Disney+, go get it. You’ll love it. Promise.) I always have a blast talking with Dan — he really knows his Star Wars — and this time we discussed Westerns and pirates, potential Star Wars spinoffs, Boba Fett fetishists, and that spectacular Season Two ending. I hope you’ll give it a listen, thanks.

I’m also looking forward to participating in the WED Reads book club, which brings their monthly book group conversation to Twitter. The name of the game at WED Reads is to cover Disney-themed books, so we’ll be talking all about Jim Henson’s relationship with the Walt Disney Company, and how the House of Mouse is handling — or not handling — the Muppets franchise. It’ll happen on March 1, so join us on Twitter at the WED Reads account at @WEDReads.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention The George Lucas Talk Show, the fantastic improv/comedy show/performance art presided over by the talented Connor Ratliffe doing a spot-on, and hilarious, George Lucas impression. You can catch it over at Planet Scum–and you may find me wandering into their episodes from time to time.

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