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Where I’ll Be

If you’re in or around the Washington, DC area on Wednesday night, you should come by the University Club of DC for its 28th annual Meet the Author Night & Book Fair. More than 65 authors will be there — including yours truly, where I’ll be sitting behind a pile of the newly-printed George Lucas paperbacks.


The University Club of DC is located in a really impressive building at 1135 16th Street N.W., right off Sakharov Plaza.  For more information about the book fair, and the club itself, you can check things out at

Fitting a Pitch

Take it from me: pitching your book to a prospective agent is (not just “can be” but is) a nerve-wracking process. But guess what? Agents have to pitch books, too — check out the blog of Superagent Jonathan Lyons to see what he has to say about pitching at the London Book Fair. And then get all jealous reading about him enjoying London.

Now here’s hoping he comes back to tell me he’s sold foreign rights for Washington Irving. Hey, I can dream, right? (Yes! Come onnnnn, Spanish market! Donde esta casa de paypay…)