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Shameless Self Promotion of the Month!

In the event you still want or need Washington Irving on your Kindle or Other Electronic Device, it’s now on sale for the wondrously low price of $2.99 over on amazon.  TWO NINETY NINE.  C’mon, it makes a great virtual stocking stuffer. Or something.


Washington Irving, His Kith and Kindle…

Once again, when I wasn’t looking, Washington Irving went galloping into yet another format.  It’s now available as an e-book in the Kindle format—so you can read it on your iPad, so long as you have the Kindle app—and you can download it for a mere $9.99 right here.

If you’re one of those folks like me who still lives the analog life and prefers a physical book you can hold in your hands, the paperback version will be available on November 15.