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Under Construction, Sort Of. I Guess.

Hunh. Without my prior knowledge or any sort of heads up, WordPress decommissioned the template I use for my website and substituted it with a different one.  Hence the slightly different look you’re seeing here.

Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the changes — notice, for example, that you’ll see drop down menus when you drag across the tabs above, instead of having the pages listed down the right hand side.  And behind the scenes, they’re allowing a lot more flexibility in formatting that I might play with in the coming months.

But it also arbitrarily shook up the way photos are formatted, which has resulted in some pages (such as Circle of Friends) looking  messy, as the text doesn’t wrap around photos as it used to.  It also benched some of the coding I use to track traffic and search words.  So I’ll have to clean up some of the mess and recommission some of my code.   However, this should not affect your regularly scheduled programming.