My wife and I headed over to Damascus Elementary School at eight this morning to cast our votes in the election. There are thousands of reasons we love living in a small town, and here’s yet one more: here’s the line we stood this morning as we waited to vote:

(Sorry it’s blurry; I took it with my phone camera as I was approaching the entry.)

Yup, we waited exactly ten seconds before we signed in to cast our ballots. However, it’s different in other places across our county. One of my colleagues reported standing in line for more than 90 minutes; others have been in line since the polls opened at seven this morning and, as of ten a.m., still haven’t reached the voting booth.

But you know what? None of them are complaining. “I waited in line for Green Day tickets for six hours,” one person told me. “I can certainly wait four to vote.”

I agree. Heck, I’ve waited two hours to ride Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. With that in mind, waiting in line to vote isn’t an inconvenience; it’s practically downright patriotic.

I don’t care who you vote for today, just so long as you vote. Too many have worked too hard and given too much to make sure you can.

Do it.

One response to “Vote!

  1. Did it!

    Not much of a line here in NYC, either. But I went around noon.