Supremely F*%#ing Funny

I loved this story in today’s Washington Post, about the Supreme Court’s discussion of whether the government can fine television networks for a one-time, “fleeting” expletive on television. The case came about in response to Cher inadvertently(?) dropping the Queen Mother of Swears on a live awards show in 2002.

I got a kick out of government’s attorney arguing that overturning this policy could lead to “a world where the networks are free to use expletives . . . 24 hours a day,” including “Big Bird dropping the F-bomb on Sesame Street” — a hilarious bit of hyperbole — but more than anything, there’s something really funny about the Supreme Court justices trying gamely not to use the dirty words in question in the courtroom, falling back instead on more delicate terms like “F-bomb”, “freaking” and “the eff word.”

And then there was this:

…88-year-old Justice John Paul Stevens asked whether the FCC would sanction a broadcaster if the indecent remark “was really hilarious, very, very funny.” Solicitor General Gregory G. Garre said the commission would, along with “whether it’s shocking, titillating, pandering.”

“Bawdy jokes are okay, if they’re really good,” Justice Antonin Scalia cracked, to more laughter.

I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but this is one Supreme Court opinion I’m going to read. But only to see if they left in all the dirty words.

5 responses to “Supremely F*%#ing Funny

  1. Pleas. Big Bird wouldn't curse. Oscar would be the culprit. Everyone F&#$@ing knows that.


  2. You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?


  3. Brian Jay Jones

    You have to give them “simple FRUITFUL directions!”

    Oh, f**k it.


  4. Good thing they’re not discussing allowing such a word in my country; 4 million people might have to go people silent were it outlawed. We’re hopeless with cursing.

    I think the Supreme Court should work on such things more often; it makes them seem more relevant and human somehow.

    My word verification is “drockin”…hmm, close. So close.


  5. Brian Jay Jones

    Wendy: It won’t be Oscar, either. It’ll be a new character, Fondles the Clown.

    Susan: But the Irish swear with the most charming alacrity I’ve ever seen! THE COMMITMENTS, anyone?