A Great Fall

It might be early November, but you’d never know it from the weather in Maryland. Even as the Midwest is pummelled by a freak blizzard, the Atlantic seaboard (or at least our corner of it) is enjoying temperatures hovering near the 70s. So we get to enjoy the autumn colors in spring-like temperatures.

That’s causing some amusing confusion in our yard. The view from our kitchen window — framed by a walk-under trellis with a wisteria vine — looks like a typical autumn postcard:

Meanwhile, a lone zinnia — a decidely summer-loving flower — has decided to raise its head at the very edge of a cleared flower bed, to give November a blast of summer color. He’s understandably confused, be we’re enjoying him while we can.

How’s your autumn looking?

2 responses to “A Great Fall

  1. Congatulations! Such weather in November is very lucky. I planted mixed zinnia in the garden this year and they all came up orange–my least favourite colour!

    I’d share my autumn as you ask, but I don’t think the camera is waterproof so no LOL. We’ve got the fire going, with freezing rain outside today. But I do post plenty of home photos at my photoblog, thisirishphotograph.blogspot.com .


  2. Brian Jay Jones

    Wow, what terrific photos! I’m actually jealous — and I hope we all remember that what often becomes mundane to us (since we see it every day) is remarkable to others. And should be to us.

    Doesn’t mean I’m STILL not jealous of that beautiful Irish countryside. And the sheepherder.