Friendly Reminders

Happy Launch Day to Friend o’ the Blog (and fellow member of the Lyons Den) Jaye Wells, whose debut novel Red-Headed Stepchild officially hits the shelves in a bookstore near you today.  Heck, you can even get it on Kindle.  She’s also podcasting over on Fangs, Fur, and Fey this afternoon as well, so go listen.

Also, congratulations to the super-cool Jamie Ford, whose Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet deservedly pole-vaulted its way onto the New York Times bestseller list this week, showing up at number fifteen.  And I’m sure it’ll make its way even higher.  Maybe now they’ll add the East Coast to his book tour so I can say hello to him over at Politics & Prose.

Meanwhile, you can continue to check out new episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight every Saturday on the CW by my pal Scott Phillips — who’s also preparing a collection of short stories, Tales of Misery and Imagination, as well as working on a collaborative project with sci-fi writer Robert Vardeman.  Scott continues to be one of the most entertaining reads around, so swing by his blog and say hey.

Finally, congratulations to Josephine Damian, whose short story “Finished” was accepted for publication in the October issue of Yellow Mama.  Reserve a copy at your newstand now.  Don’t make JD come after you.

2 responses to “Friendly Reminders

  1. OMG! A shout-out from BJJ. But, uh, YELLOW MAMA is an e-zine – just have to wait till Oct. when they post my (X-rated) story…. No doubt I’ll have some interesting new fans once this story is posted ,


  2. Okay, reserve a copy at your nearest E-newstand, then! Congratulations regardless! Your hard work is paying off.