Hollywood Shuffle

My pal Scott Phillips wrote a great piece in his “Hollywood and Whine” column for the Eye Crave Network  about life in Hollywood as a spec screenplay writer, script polisher, and project pitcher.  As Scott puts it:

There’s no doubt about it — it’s exciting as hell: you, the struggling screenwriter, finally get lucky enough to have somehow stumbled onto the right combination of spec screenplay and hard-working manager or agent, and you find yourself “taking meetings” all over Tinsel Town. That’s when the Hollywood Hand-Off begins.

Go read it — and be sure to check out the pic of Scott with Gunnar “Leatherface” Hansen.  And some day soon, I’m hoping Scott’ll tell the story about a pitch meeting with Steven Seagal, even though you really need to hear Scott doing his Seagal impression to fully appreciate it.

Oh, and you are watching Scott’s TV show Kamen Rider Dragon Knight weekly on the CW aren’t you?

One response to “Hollywood Shuffle

  1. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.