Ruht roh….

scrappy04Fans of Scooby Doo generally agree that the show jumped the shark with the introduction of Scooby’s annoying nephew, Scrappy Doo.  And if you’ve ever asked the universe rhetorically, “What in the hell were they thinking?”  or, maybe better, “Who’s to blame?” then television writer Mark Evanier has an answer for you.  In fact, it’s a confession—because Mark Evanier is, indeed, the guy who came up with Scrappy Doo. Or, at least, mostly. As he says over on his web site:

People ask me if I knew at the time I was contributing to the creation of a such a hated thing as Scrappy Doo. No, I didn’t and no, I still don’t. I am aware that there are some folks out there who, given the choice of seeing the execution of Osama bin Laden or Scrappy Doo, would opt for Scrappy and wonder why you even had to ask.

In a six-part series on his always-fascinating website, Mark takes you through the executive and creative process that brought about Scrappy—and he’ll also tell you how Scrappy might actually have saved Scooby Doo in the ratings.  As much as it might pain you to know it.

Marks tells his story in six short installments, which he’s gathered right here for you to read.  Go read it—and remember, the second suspect you meet is probably the ghost.

One response to “Ruht roh….

  1. Ha! How funny. Yes I, too, hate Scrappy Doo. I’ll check it out.