Washington Irving, C Blocker?

Rebecca Gratz

Claire Salisbury — who’s doing terrific work bringing to light the life and letters of the 19th century philanthropist Rebecca Gratz over on her blog,  Rebecca Gratz and 19th Century Americahas two fun entries this week on a a good friend of Rebecca’s . . . an aspiring young writer named Washington Irving.

Irving and Gratz had an interesting and decidedly non-romantic relationship — one based on mutual respect, good conversation, and similar senses of humor.  In fact, there were times when Rebecca used Irving as a willing tool in thwarting the advances of suitors, much to the delight of both.

I’ll let Claire serve as your tour guide for these particular stories (she is, after all, a docent for the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, so you’re in good hands).  The two entries are here and here, and her full blog is here.  Over to you, Claire . . .

2 responses to “Washington Irving, C Blocker?

  1. The title of this post made me chuckle, then I felt a little awkward.


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