Tomorrow Never Knows

I’m heading back to New York tomorrow — armed with my laptop, notes, and tape recorder — to have a chat with Someone Wonderful related to Project Blue Harvest.  It’ll be a quick day — up on the train in the morning, interviewing in the afternoon, then back that evening — but I’m so excited about it that the day will probably seem to go by even faster. I even made sure to book myself a reserved seat on the train on the way home so I’m certain of a spot where I can plug in the computer, plunk on the headphones, and transcribe everything immediately. Yeah, it’s fun — and, I’ll admit, a bit nerve wracking.

Given my increasingly frequent back and forthing lately, Barb saw fit to give me a good laptop case — something a little unusual that doesn’t look like anything else out there.  So tell me, how cool is this?

Yeah, that’s my MacBook, tucked away inside there between two hardback leather covers. Pretty neat, eh?

3 responses to “Tomorrow Never Knows

  1. That is totally cool! Now I want one for myself.


  2. I really need to put up a better pic — that’s what I get for taking it with my cell phone with bad light!

    You can get it from Twelve South!


  3. That wife of yours is one fine lady!