…and hello again. Sorry to be away so long — in the past week, I’ve been up to New York and back to carry out the first of what I hope are several interviews with Someone Wonderful (or someone “Super Cool,” to quote the adjective I apparently kept using over and over as I spoke with my wife on the phone afterwards) and I’m working now to get my notes organized.

Who was I talking with? While I’m not sworn to secrecy, I’ll just be coy and provide this hint — and add that it was one of the most memorable mornings of my life:

If I don’t see you until then, Happy Thanksgiving.

3 responses to “Nonblogging

  1. I like Bert, even though, as Ernie pointed out, he had “stick-uppy hair.”


  2. When I was six, I had an Ernie puppet, while my four-year-old brother had a Bert puppet. Perhaps appropriately, Bert had the stiffest mouth ever.


  3. Gotta be Frank Oz. That’s awesome! Hope you get many more interviews with the guy and best of luck with the book. Can’t wait to read it!