And Now, Please Kick Your Set…

Okay, once more, with feeling.

We’ve now been told that we’re being rescheduled for Today once again — but there’s actually a good reason behind it.  Apparently, they’d like to do a longer segment on Jim, rather than just a quick chat on the couch. While I am (once again!) a bit bummed to miss Jim’s birthday and the launch date for his biography, I’m all in favor of them taking the time to do a lengthier piece.

But that also means I can’t yet tell you when the segment will air. So . . . stay tuned again.

Isn”t live television fun?

One response to “And Now, Please Kick Your Set…

  1. Hi Brian,

    I almost took off today to see if I can get you to sign your book and Frank to sign my poster.( Thank Goodness I didn’t) I was planning to go to the Moving Images event anyway, see if Frank can go there with you to hype the book and hear stories!

    Thanks for the Updates,