A Today Show Update

UnknownOkay, I have it on good authority that the Today show segment will air tomorrow — Tuesday, October 15 — during the eight o’clock hour.

And while I haven’t seen the segment — and won’t until everyone else does — I can tell you that you’ll see Frank Oz in it.  So that should be enough, really, for you to wanna tune in.

Set  your DVRs now. Or not. I’m not the boss of you.


2 responses to “A Today Show Update

  1. Unsure how the Today show works…is that the 8:00-9:00 hour, regardless of time zone?


  2. Having seen three television spots now (Today, CBS This Morning, and The Daily Show), the thing I find most frustrating is that the producers won’t see past the Muppets. The strength of your book is that you shed light on the entirety of Henson’s career, and it’s too bad that gets overlooked.

    I like the subtitle of your upcoming Smithsonian talk: “More Than Muppets.”