Becoming Dr. Seuss: A Quick Update

c9d0210ddc5d4eef73ff8d6afeca69ed--photography-humor-dr-suessA number of you wonderful people who’ve placed advanced orders for Becoming Dr. Seuss through Amazon have contacted me recently to let me know you’ve received word that its publication date has been moved from February to May. And the question you’re generally asking me is: Whaaaat?

The quick answer: Yup, it’s true.  The publication date is now May 7, 2019. Concerned? Don’t be. Everything’s cool.

Meanwhile, if you wanna track my progress as I work to get this baby into your hands, give me a follow on Twitter at @brianjayjones, where I’ll give you some peeks behind the scenes, using the hashtag #MakingTheSeussage.

And then I’ll see you in May.  It’s a date! I promise.

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