Looking for a Signed Copy of Becoming Dr. Seuss?

The paperback of Becoming Dr. Seuss comes out on May 26. I know that seems like a loooong time from now — and who knows what shape the world will be in by then? — but if you’d like to pre-order an autographed copy, I’m working with Bookworks, an independent bookstore here in New Mexico, to get a copy in your hands.

You can pre-order the book by clicking here. And once their doors are open again, you can order signed copies of any of my other biographies as well.

Until then, take care of yourselves, and each other.

2 responses to “Looking for a Signed Copy of Becoming Dr. Seuss?

  1. So, if we just pre-order a paperback copy we’re getting a signed copy? Or is there something else we need to do? Thanks!


  2. Yup! If you order from Bookworks using the provided link, when the book is published in May, they’ll ship you a signed copy.