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Westward Ho!

I know, I know . . . long time, no see, right? My philosophy at the moment is that if I have time to write a blog, it’s probably time I could spend working on the book — hence, I’ve not updated in a while.  That will likely continue, though I’ll still let you know when anything exciting or newsworthy pops up.

Take now, for instance.  I’m leaving tomorrow to head back out to Los Angeles to have two conversations with some more Amazing People. It’ll be a very quick there-and-back kinda thing — but it ‘s also an opportunity to say a quick hello to some folks at Jim Henson Studios, which is always a good thing.

More later.

An Update On Why I’m Not Updating

Good grief, have I really let this thing slide for three days? When I first started blogging, I was content to post maybe once or twice a week. Now I don’t like letting it sit idle for more than a day or two, tops.


The main impediment here is a lack of computer. I’m in the process of relocating my home office, and several days ago, I unplugged my computer and all its attachments (i.e, printer, keyboard, iPod, wireless receiver, and what I think is a bugging device attached by the RNC), thinking I would be moving it to its new location quickly. Three days later, my CPU is still sitting upstairs in my old office — sans keyboard and monitor and everything else — still unplugged and still unused, all of which makes blogging rather difficult. The delay in moving it downstairs is due largely to the fact that it’s taking longer to pull telephone in the new office than I thought, mainly because the wiring in the old house is — typically — not up to snuff. So we’re taking apart, and putting back together — which, given my patience, takes quite a while.

The end is near, however, and I’m hoping to be back up and running by this weekend, so I can get back to juggling projects. At least now I can do so in a room that actually has heat in it.