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My pal Scott Phillips is a staff writer for the new kids’ television series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and he gave me a heads up that there’ll be a “sneak preview” of the series — which is Officially Premiering in 2009 — on the CW Network this weekend. Check your local listings and write it down on your calendar now. In ink.

The premiere episode isn’t written by Scott — his first episode will be episode three — but Scott promises that the show is “dark and cool and has lots of Kung Fu and monster fights.” That’s enough for me.

When I saw Scott in Albuquerque last winter, I had the pleasure of watching the rough cut of the pilot episode — which Scott had a hand in writing — and I can vouch that the show promises to be loads of fun (plus, I got to watch it with writer commentary in my left ear the entire time, which made it all the more entertaining). If you’re a kid — or kid at heart — who digs the Power Rangers, kung fu, or just lots of cool comic book fighting, then you’ll like this. Plus, Scott’s a funny guy, and usually manages to stick in some funny bits or turns of phrase in every episode.

Give it a watch. And while you’re at it, check out Scott’s always-entertaining blog about his Netflix addiction, right here.

Agent K!

Congratulations to Agent J and his wife, Cameron, on the birth of their son, Roan Michael Lyons, on Tuesday, November 4! Quite an election day for them, I’m sure.

Topping It Off at the Pasatiempo

My pal Brian D. informed me that there’s an interview with me in Pasatiempo, the arts magazine of the Santa Fe New Mexican. It’s actually the transcript of a conversation I had over the phone with reporter Craig Smith about ten months ago, as I was stuck in traffic. It’s also one of the first interviews I ever did — at least sitting on the business end of the microphone — and I think the jitters show, since I tend to ramble a bit from each question.

There’s one funny moment, though, right at the end of the discussion, where a misheard, mis-transcribed word, makes things sound rather dirty:

The other thing I would really hope comes through in the book is how hard this guy really had to work. If you see his letters, he didn’t spell very well; it’s why I wanted to print his letters as they are. He had to work hard to make his writing work. He took it very seriously.

While people thought he was writing this elegant prose and topping it off, he was humping.

Actually, what I said was “tossing it off,” not “topping.” But paired with the term “humping,” it probably sounds more interesting that way.

Here’s the link to Pasatiempo, but it’s a bit of a mess navigating the pages. If you’re so inclined, I’m on pages 32-34. At some point, I’ll put a (corrected) transcript up on my main website.

Scott, Stink, Skelter, and ScreamTV

Naw, it’s not the Four Horsemen of the Nerd Apocalypse; it’s just screenwriter, director, Friday the 13th novelist, comic book writer-and-drawer, and good pal Scott Phillips (“the other one,” he says) being interviewed over at ScreamTV.net, where he talks about writing, killer hippies, filmmaking on a budget, Kamen Rider, and why ComiCon doesn’t suck, in spite of the commercialism.

Scott’s a talented fellow and one of the funniest guys I know (check out his latest comic, Drawtard), but he’s also quick to dispense with steaming buckets of good advice like this:

And if you’re one of those people who says things like, “If I just didn’t have to work my day job, I could get so much done,” stop making excuses and start DOING STUFF. When I was younger, I worked a physically exhausting job installing gas pumps and underground tanks, came home, washed the gasoline off myself, then sat down and wrote. Put away the videogames and write a script or make a movie. I know some very talented people who talk all the time about the various projects they want to do, but they never get off their asses and work on anything. Talent is great, but it doesn’t mean as much as determination and discipline, in the long run.

Check out Scott’s interview right here, and visit his webpage by diving in here. While you’re at it, order Scott’s latest film, Gimme Skelter, or at least Netflix the thing, for cryin’ out loud.

Shameless Plug Alert!

August is passing by so quickly I forgot to mention that I’ll be one of the five authors featured during next week’s Book Roast. (Is it really the last week of the month already?) I’m the only non-fiction writer on the skewer for the week, so drop by and give me a grilling that would make Joel and the ‘Bots proud. It’s all in fun, so have a good time. I promise to take it all in stride.

And while you’re there, think about supporting the Reach Out and Read program, to help promote early literacy.