Scott, Stink, Skelter, and ScreamTV

Naw, it’s not the Four Horsemen of the Nerd Apocalypse; it’s just screenwriter, director, Friday the 13th novelist, comic book writer-and-drawer, and good pal Scott Phillips (“the other one,” he says) being interviewed over at, where he talks about writing, killer hippies, filmmaking on a budget, Kamen Rider, and why ComiCon doesn’t suck, in spite of the commercialism.

Scott’s a talented fellow and one of the funniest guys I know (check out his latest comic, Drawtard), but he’s also quick to dispense with steaming buckets of good advice like this:

And if you’re one of those people who says things like, “If I just didn’t have to work my day job, I could get so much done,” stop making excuses and start DOING STUFF. When I was younger, I worked a physically exhausting job installing gas pumps and underground tanks, came home, washed the gasoline off myself, then sat down and wrote. Put away the videogames and write a script or make a movie. I know some very talented people who talk all the time about the various projects they want to do, but they never get off their asses and work on anything. Talent is great, but it doesn’t mean as much as determination and discipline, in the long run.

Check out Scott’s interview right here, and visit his webpage by diving in here. While you’re at it, order Scott’s latest film, Gimme Skelter, or at least Netflix the thing, for cryin’ out loud.

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