Happy Launch Day, Jonathan Bender!

Congratulations to Lego addict (and fellow member of the Lyons Den) Jonathan Bender, on the release of his way-cool book LEGO: A Love Story. If you’ve been following Jonathan on his blog for the last few years (like I have), you know that he approached Lego as a sort of enthusiastic amateur, and developed the chops to become a master builder.  C’mon, how much fun does this sound? Check it out:

In search of answers and adventure, Jonathan Bender sets out to explore the quirky world of adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) while becoming a builder himself. As he participates in challenges at fan conventions, searches for the largest private collection in the United States, and visits LEGO headquarters (where he was allowed into the top secret set vault), he finds his LEGO journey twinned with a second creative endeavor—to have a child. His two worlds intertwine as he awaits the outcome: Will he win a build competition or bring a new fan of LEGO into the world? Like every really good love story, this one has surprises—and a happy ending.

LEGO: A Love Story is available here, and you can even read some fun excerpts from it here.  Go get it.  While you do, I’m gonna go dig out all my old Lego space sets from the late 1970s, put them together, then attack them with my Raydeen Shogun warrior.  Just like the old days. My brother will vouch for me.

One response to “Happy Launch Day, Jonathan Bender!

  1. Thanks Brian for the kind words — the Lyons Den has to stick together.

    I look forward to seeing what you build and wish your spaceships many happy voyages.