…And One More, While I’m At It.

Speaking of new releases, The Tavernier Stones — the debut novel of my pal Stephen Parrish — hit bookstores this past Saturday. Stephen’s a deep-drill researcher with a passion for his subject (he’s got  degrees in both gemology and cartography, which makes him the Indiana Jones of jewelers), and his novel is sort of like Bones meets The Da Vinci Code:

When the well-preserved body of seventeenth-century mapmaker Johannes Cellarius floats to the surface of a bog in northern Germany, a 57-carat ruby clutched in his fist, the grisly discovery attracts the attention of criminals, crooks, and thugs across the globe. It ignites a deadly international treasure hunt to find the fabled Tavernier Stones, a stash that reputedly contains some of the world’s most notorious missing jewels, including the 280-carat Great Mogul Diamond and the 242-carat Great Table Diamond.

Congratulations to Stephen, who worked hard for this one.  You can order it here, or hit his website, where he’ll steer you toward a bookseller near you.

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