Yaaaaaay!! *Kermit arm flail*

Two big announcements:

First, it’s official: at the end of its first week in release, Jim Henson: The Biography is now a genuine New York Times Bestseller.

Do it with me:

Thank you, Muppet and Jim Henson fans, for making Jim Henson such a success.  It was your enthusiasm that helped shoot us right out of the blocks, and I appreciate your excitement and support.  Really.  Thank you.

Second, on Thursday, October 10, I’ll be appearing on The Daily Show. And that’s really all I can say, as I’m still trying to pick my chin up off the floor.

Believe me, more to come.


3 responses to “Yaaaaaay!! *Kermit arm flail*

  1. Ow, I pulled a muscle! (How does he DO that?)
    But congrats! I’ll be watching!


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