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Becoming Dr. Seuss in the NYT

Becoming Dr. Seuss arrives in stores in paperback on Tuesday, May 26, and I was thrilled to see it get a shout-out in the highly-coveted “Paperback Row” section of this weekend’s New York Times Book Review. You can see it in the image below, just beneath the list of hardcover bestsellers (and I know the graphic can be hard to read, so you can read it online here).

If you’d like a signed copy of Becoming Dr. Seuss delivered right to your door, you can order one — or signed copies of any of my other books — from the fine folks at Bookworks by clicking here. And we both thank you.

Jim Henson in The New York Times

After teasing us (meaning my editor and me) for the last two months, the Grey Lady is finally reviewing Jim Henson in its pages. We had heard one was coming — back in September, in fact, we kept hearing a review was “imminent,” and then . . . well, it just kept on not showing and not showing, until eventually we began to doubt a review would run at all.  Then suddenly, several weeks ago, they started asking for photos, which made us believe they were up to something.

That something, as it turns out, will appear in this Sunday’s New York Times Sunday Book Review. And you can already read it online by clicking right here. Oh, and HERE BE SPOILERS: It’s a terrific review, really thoughtful and eminently fair — and really, it’s one of my favorite reviews since Will Friedwald’s spectacular piece in the Wall Street Journal last month. It’s considered bad form to reach out to reviewers, so I’ll just say it right here instead: John Swansburg, if you’re reading this, thanks for the review.

And thank you again, everyone, who’s reading and enjoying Jim Henson. I appreciate it.

Yaaaaaay!! *Kermit arm flail*

Two big announcements:

First, it’s official: at the end of its first week in release, Jim Henson: The Biography is now a genuine New York Times Bestseller.

Do it with me:

Thank you, Muppet and Jim Henson fans, for making Jim Henson such a success.  It was your enthusiasm that helped shoot us right out of the blocks, and I appreciate your excitement and support.  Really.  Thank you.

Second, on Thursday, October 10, I’ll be appearing on The Daily Show. And that’s really all I can say, as I’m still trying to pick my chin up off the floor.

Believe me, more to come.


Me and WI in the NYT

I’m in the New York Times this weekend . . . kind of.

In this weekend’s installment of his “On Language” column, William Safire discusses the etymology of the term “the almighty dollar,” which Irving coined in his 1836 short story “The Creole Village.” (Yup — apart from giving New Yorker’s the words “Gotham” and “Knicks,” he also gave economists and op-ed writers “the almighty dollar.”)

I point you to this article not only because it’s Irving, but because I was Safire’s source when it came to ensuring he got everything involving Irving correct, pointing him toward the original magazine article in “The Magnolia,” and providing him with a copy of the original story. I’m not mentioned in the article, but that’s still pretty neat, huh?

Anyway, you can read Safire’s column here. But if you’re a fan of writing and language, I’ll bet you’re reading Safire’s column already.

Good Times

Well, blow me down!

Today’s New York Times, in the “Reading New York” feature that appears in The City section (that’s Section CY of today’s paper, for those playing along at home) ran a nice little piece on Washington Irving: An American Original. My editor called me on Thursday to tell me it was coming, but we still weren’t exactly sure what the Old Gray Lady was gonna say.

Well. They called it “charming.” (You can see it here.)

How about that.

Must go get coffee now …. if I can get my head through the door, that is.