Jim Henson in The New York Times

After teasing us (meaning my editor and me) for the last two months, the Grey Lady is finally reviewing Jim Henson in its pages. We had heard one was coming — back in September, in fact, we kept hearing a review was “imminent,” and then . . . well, it just kept on not showing and not showing, until eventually we began to doubt a review would run at all.  Then suddenly, several weeks ago, they started asking for photos, which made us believe they were up to something.

That something, as it turns out, will appear in this Sunday’s New York Times Sunday Book Review. And you can already read it online by clicking right here. Oh, and HERE BE SPOILERS: It’s a terrific review, really thoughtful and eminently fair — and really, it’s one of my favorite reviews since Will Friedwald’s spectacular piece in the Wall Street Journal last month. It’s considered bad form to reach out to reviewers, so I’ll just say it right here instead: John Swansburg, if you’re reading this, thanks for the review.

And thank you again, everyone, who’s reading and enjoying Jim Henson. I appreciate it.

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